Snakes, Sunrises, and Shakespeare



Each of the short videos below is an excerpt

from an interview with Gordon Orians about one of the

topics he addresses in much greater detail in his book.

Motivation for Writing This Book

What Are Emotions and What Are They For?

How Do We Infer Past Human Behavior?

How Did Our Ancestors View the Environment?

Ghosts of Past Environments

Whistling for Honey

Ghosts of Predators PersistWhy Do Girls Climb More Than Boys?Learning Is Wonderful But ExpensiveChoosing Places To LiveWhy Are Some Trees Prettier Than Others?

Snakes – Our Most Ancient Enemy

Why Do We Respond So Strongly To Circles?

Red Sky At Dusk Is Only Sometimes DelightfulRed Sky in the Morning May Be Just Fine

Why We Have a Strong Negativity Bias

Nature's Sounds Tell Us Important Things

We Are a Remarkably Musical Species

Stages of Habitat Selection

Applications of Prospect Refuge Theory

More Applications of Prospect Refuge Theory

Biophobia Is Important And Easy To Study

We Have Powerful Motion Detectors

Discovering Traits We Did Not Expect

What's In a Name?

Names Lead To Classifying

Applied Environmental Aesthetics

Our Aesthetic Sense Has Been Molded

Understanding Our Ecological Minds

Theories Have Multiple Uses

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